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Justin Lewers Model and Design Studio provides 3d sculpture models and design in the greater Los Angeles area.  We can also provide our services remotely.  Contact us!

Artist Bio

Hi, I’m Justin Lewers. I'm a artist originally from Marion, Iowa, where I practiced practical art and sculpture leading me to a career in digital sculpting.  I studied animation in college but fell in love with digital sculpting after graduation. 

I enjoy drawing, movies, and games in my spare time and I'm working on my climbing and skateboarding when I can.  I love to make music and use that as a personal artistic outlet.

I like working with clients with passion and creativity and invite them to contact me.  Thanks


  • Expert Zbrush, 3dmax, Maya, Photoshop, Unity, Unreal

  • Design characters for realistic or stylized environments and sets

  • Modeling for VFX, Video Games, and 3d print.

  • Look development in Unity, Unreal

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