About us

Justin Lewers Model and Design Studio provides 3d sculpture models and design in the greater Los Angeles area.  We can also provide our services remotely.  Contact us!

Artist Bio

Hi, I’m Justin Lewers. I'm a artist originally from Marion, Iowa, where I practiced traditional art and sculpture. 

After relocating to Arizona to attend computer animation school I soon started as an intern at a small studio in Phoenix doing concept and modeling for an independent game developer on the Xbox.

After graduating I moved to LA and started in a TV production house working in Zbrush and 3D Max. From there I went on to work for Pandemic studios as a video game artist.  Concurrently I did some game design and animation for Disney Imagineering.  Soon after I created and designed a movie monster for Sam Rami's“Drag Me to Hell”.  Next I worked on "Fast and the Furious 5" in the production office at Universal.  I went on to Pixomondo where I worked on “A Nightmare on Elm Street” as a Zbrush artist doing digital makeup and gore. 

With Deluxe I modeled sfx for "Red Dawn".   I then worked with Pysop on some really cool fully animated commercials for the game "Fable 3" and "Nissan Juke" 

Pixomondo had me back and I was blessed to be on three award winning teams for "Hugo," "Terra Nova," and "Game of Thrones."  From there I worked on pre-production for "Guardians of the Galaxy".  Not long after that I went back to games.  I worked for Section Studios as there senior character artist publishing titles in Unity and Unreal game engines  as well as polishing and rendering characters for Disney consumer products print ads.  I was able to work from home on a few favorite projects of mine "Aliens", "The Walking Dead", and Marvel movie characters.  I went to the Deluxe office and worked with friends on a few TV super hero shows.  I recently am back making video game characters with a talented crew at Seismic Games.


  • Expert Zbrush, 3dmax, Maya, Photoshop, Vray 

  • Designing for realistic or stylized

  • Modeling for VFX, video games, and 3d print

  • Look development in Vray, Keyshot, Unity, Unreal, and Photoshop